Margrethe van Heeswijk is a thought leader with an impressive track record when it  comes to managing experience and high level leadership. 


Boardroom Counseling & Consultancy

With her broad international experience of working with complex multidisciplinary issues, new forms of leadership, boardroom counseling and consultancy, Margrethe is a high level sparring partner.

She has worked at an international political administrative level with prime-ministers, ministers and MP’s. Besides her political administrative experience she collaborated with organizations within the United Nations and with global (corporate) organizations.






Margrethe van Heeswijk has given multiple lectures for a diverse audience, such as for an official gathering of the religious world leaders.


Lectures & Presentations 

At this time she offers her experience and unique point of view on multi-faceted challenges in service to the environment and the preservation of the planet we live on.

With her extensive network in environment, politics and business she always succeeds in making the right match for the projects she is involved in. Margrethe has proven to get even the most challenging of jobs done.

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