Project Earth: A book with promises



She builds and manages the project as if she is still working in a corporate environment, but now she is using her own resources. After 6 years of Project Kenya she comes back home unable to continue her old ways. She has seen the challenges of a country nobody thinks about. A country that directly suffers from the effects of our modern world. With a pocket full of insights, wisdom, experiences and an urgent message for humanity she is building a new dream. Now it is time for Project Earth, will you take the challenge?


Project Earth:

In this book Margrethe van Heeswijk refers to people as stakeholders of planet earth. Besides her personal, interesting and sometimes hilarious experiences in the family business, corporate organizations, governmental organizations and a NGO in Kenya executing her project, this book also holds a wealth of knowledge about new revolutionary forms of leadership. This book is to move, inspire and to enlighten the greater public about the challenges of our time and the solutions already there to help us restore planet earth. Project Earth will contain special features and will give access to interviews with thought leaders in environmentalism, politics and business. It will be published in 2019.

A woman from corporate business quits her successful job to study for a full year to decide if climate change is really an issue. Next she builds a reforestation and education project in one of the driest places on earth from scratch.

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