When was the Momentum in the Human evolution that humans created the need for complexity?

My mission:

This is the major question in today’s global confronting multidisciplinairy issues.

In 2012 I wanted the answer to this question because it offers the solution to all the global problems. I found the answer in 2012 and indeed it offers the solution to these issues.


The momentum that humans thought and lived in separation – out of fear – was the momentum complexity was created.










Restoration of nature

Someone asked me many years ago, ‘What do you hope to see just before you die? You lay in your bed en before you close your eyes, what do you hope to see?’


I looked at him and said,’ You mean what I will see? I see that the world has become much more beautiful then when I came on to it. Then I will close my eyes.'


This describes my mission: I will restore the global indigenous nature and make people more aware of their behavior towards nature and others. The way we misuse this planet explains the consciousness of many and this needs to change. There are more possibilities than humans might think, but it asks for commitment and action.

Stop talking, start acting.

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