QUASARS: From Stars to Starbucks

Margrethe van Heeswijk is the founder of Quasars. This program is developed in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam.

We live in a world which unprecedented global challenges concerning our environment, water, food and energy resources give rise to extraordinary  opportunities to tackle these challenges. Yet many people seem to be unable to to recognize both these challenges and the potential solutions, because they are trained as specialists. Therefor they are trained to focus on details instead of the whole and thus they miss the big picture.


A new approach that is currently rapidly spreading throughout the world aims to change that. This approach is called ‘Big History’. It places any subject within the largest known context. The history of everything, from Stars to Starbucks.


Quasars is the first company in the world that proposed to use the Big History approach as an intellectual tool to connect real and urgent global issues with the high potentials – the leaders of tomorrow – and the current leaders.

This revolutionary International Leadership program challenges these leaders with major multidisciplinary global issues.


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